‘Frequency’ Cast: Daniel Bonjour Dishes On Raimy & Daniel’s Storyline, Season Finale, & Why Series Should Be Renewed [EXCLUSIVE]


He may not have been directly involved in the main storyline of trying to uncover the identity of The Nightingale all season, but Daniel Bonjour has still been a big part of the CW's Freshman series Frequency.

Bonjour sat down with Enstars to discuss the show, his career thus far, and why he hopes the show gets renewed for a second season.

Enstars: What made you interested in acting and directing in general?

Daniel Bonjour: I honestly thought as a kid that everyone tries to become an actor first and then moves on to their second job. I simply couldn't imagine doing anything else with my life. Directing and writing I think came as a way to continue telling stories even when nobody was hiring me at the time... I guess I just love the creativity of playing in an imaginary world. It's like I get to be a kid all day and when I'm lucky enough I get paid for it.

What drew you to the role on Frequency?

In short, the writing. The pilot was so well crafted and you really felt for these people on the page. Daniel felt so real and his relationship with Raimy was tangible in my mind. It never came across as forced and neither did their conversations... trying to judge an entire show or what it's going to become off of just the pilot is impossible, so I tend to look at the conversations and how they feel to me, and in Frequency, they felt great.

You get to work alongside Peyton List, Riley Smith Mekhi Phifer and others. What's it like to be on-set with them?

Every single one of them are insanely nice and hard working. I've learned a little from each of them and consider them dear friends. We all hung out off of set a lot and I think that's how you can tell when a cast really gets along. We spend 12-14 hours a day together working sometimes, and yet, we still find ourselves hanging out on weekends.

 What can you share about the finale episode in terms of the Daniel/Raimy storyline? At the end of the most recent episode, Raimy was wearing an engagement ring, but we didn't see Daniel--is there a chance the timeline was altered again and she's actually engaged to someone else?

Anything is possible at this point!... None of us knew how anything was going to turn out, so trust me, I know that whole feeling of creating scenario after scenario. But it's all on the table at this point.

What do you hope will happen with their story?

I like the push and pull dimension of Raimy and Daniel, I like seeing how two people can be drawn together, yet not making it too easy for that to happen. If Daniel and Raimy do end up together, I just hope that it's not all flowers and sunshine from now on. Real relationships are hard work, and when you've got a time altering Ham radio, they tend to be a lot harder.

I need to ask, there's been some speculation that Frequency may be at risk for cancellation. If you could say one thing that would guarantee the show gets picked up for season 2, what would it be?

I would say that we have such an insanely talented group of people working on this show and in season 2 you would get to see them expand and grow. Season 1 is always so much about establishing the world and driving force of the story. Season 2 is where the characters you love start to play in the world you've established. I believe season 2 would be a richer, deeper, more textured version of season 1.

If the show does get picked up for a second season, what would you like to see happen with Daniel?

I would love to see Daniel get involved on the Ham radio. Daniel is the only person that she tried talking to about it, and she knows he would be able to keep it a secret. Either way, I just hope we get to dig a little deeper into Daniel and what makes him tick, because I know there is a rich history there.

You made your directorial debut with After The Rain, which followed the story of a man coping with his impending death and finding hope in the relationships that he will leave behind. You were also credited as a co-writer and the star--how important was it to you to get the movie made and why did you want to tell that particular story?

I thought it was a beautiful story and at first was drawn to the challenge of acting in it. Only after some time did I start talking to the writer and collaborate on the script. Eventually, directing was on the table and I jumped at the opportunity. I thought it was an important film to make because it didn't apologize for anyone. People all react very differently when dealing with something like cancer and too often it's labeled as either the wrong or right way. In this film each character reacts in their own way and we show just enough about them to understand why it's not necessarily right or wrong, but just is. I'm so proud of the film and all the people that worked on it because it truly was a passion project. Nobody went in with any goal in mind except to tell a beautiful and true story.

I checked out your Instagram and it seems like you've grown extremely close to Mekhi. Do you guys hang out often off-set and if so, what do you like to do together?

I love Mekhi! He's such a great dude. In Vancouver we always hung out. He's an extremely active guy so we would always go on hikes and bike rides. I took him rock climbing once. Otherwise, we'd just hang or play poker.

I also noticed your dog Chappie featuring in some photos and he is seriously adorable! How did you come to find him and bring him into your family?

Chappie is a little pup we came across that they found on the streets of LA. My wife and I had just started thinking about getting a dog and we knew we wanted a rescue. We walked into a pop up rescue and this dog ran and jumped right into Jelly's lap and didn't want to leave. We told ourselves we shouldn't make any impulse decisions but then came back about 2 minutes later and adopted him.

How did you meet your wife?

I met my wife on the set of After the Rain actually. Before we began shooting, I remembered thinking to myself that she had this amazing energy that I just wanted to be around. I thought, "that's the type of person I want in my life," not necessarily to date, but just to be friends with. During filming though, I was so focused on the directing, producing and acting. I probably came across as a little standoffish. I was completely immersed in everything I had to do so the idea of meeting someone new or even dating was not on my radar. After we wrapped, she ended up asking me out.

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