'Monster Hunter Explore' Gets New Ace Attorney Crossover Characters and Weapons [VIDEO]


The popular mobile video game spin-off, Monster Hunter Explore, which was released in Japan back in late 2015, is set to receive yet another set of crossover characters this month. This time around the Monster Hunter mobile game, formerly called Monster Hunter Smart, will be graced by characters from Japan's popular visual novel adventure video game franchise, Ace Attorney.

The popular Japanese hunting video game received the new crossover characters over the weekend. Strangely enough, the franchise that was chosen isn't really known for its combat or action. However, the addition of Phoenix Wright, Maya , Miles Edgeworth, and Franziska von Karma are perfect for those who are looking for a humorous take on the often times serious battles and hunts that occur within the game.

As shown in the game's official website, mh-xr.jp, all of the characters will be coming with their own set of "gears" and "weapons." The gears that the characters will be able to equip will basically be different hairstyles and costumes. On the other hand, the weapons are somewhat comical takes on the franchise different elements.

Phoenix and Maya are shown on the website with weird lance weapons that is basically the Blue Badger, the show's mascot, stuck on the end of a large stick. The weapon itself will feature an increased fire attack damage of 1.5 points along with 100 points of physical strength. The Blue Badger weapons can be obtained either through Equipment Crystals from event quests or through the exchange of event points.

Miles and Franziska on the other hand can be equipped with piercing lance weapons that has been animated to look like Phoenix's hands, specifically when he does his signature "Objection!" move. The weapons can be obtained as rewards for participating in Meow Expeditions and feature double water attack damage perks.

The limited time crossover promo has been revealed to officially end on January 31, as per a report from the Anime News Network. Monster Hunter Explore is currently available to download for both Android and iOS.

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