"Steven Universe" Season 4 To Feature Steven Finding Answers About Pink Diamond; Teaser Titled "Steven's Dream" Released

A teaser for 'Steven Universe' Season 4 has been released featuring Steven waking up from a dream having tears in his eyes. Also, its Creator Rebecca Sugar hinted that the main character will find answers about the Pink Diamond.

According to Polygon, a leak indicating "Steven Universe" Season 4 has instead made its way to different unofficial channels online, more than three weeks before TV series' official airdate. Nevertheless, a lot the show's fans were convinced the episodes were released unintentionally.

Also, numerous fans commented on the new clip, stating that they have watched this episode since it was one of those has been disclosed last January 2. It was also reported that a representative for Cartoon Network stated that the leaks were planned which was in contradiction with initial beliefs that the 'Steven Universe' Season 4 episodes are revealed due to technical glitch

"This is actually something we've been doing for some time with a few of our shows through what we call the 'See It First' element of the [Cartoon Network] App," the spokesperson stated after the leak episodes.

Aside from that Den of Geek as learned that "Steven Universe" Creator Rebecca Sugar hinted "Steven Universe" Season 4 that Steven may finally obtain the answers to his queries surrounding Pink Diamond soon. Also, it has been indicated that Steven will do everything he could to collect more details regarding the Pink Diamond.

Equally, a photo of "Steven Universe" Season 4 assured to offer answers to some of the TV series' longest thrillers while presenting what looks to be a Palanquin. In an episode 11 which was entitled 'Steven's Dream," Steven and Greg will be going to Korea to acquire more information about Pink Diamond.

Additionally, an episode entitled "Gem Heist" and "The Zoo" also seems to focus on Pink Diamond. Greg will be taken by Blue Diamond and Steven will sneak into Pink Diamond's foregoing space station. Also, in episode 17 entitled, "Storm In The Room," its description indicated that Steven will search for answers in his room in the temple.

"Steven Universe" Season 4 will air on Jan. 30 on Cartoon Network.

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