Nintendo NES Classic Mini Edition News: Console Still In Very Limited Stock; Here's Where To Buy [VIDEO]

The Nintendo NES Classic Mini Edition has been very saleable not just during last year's holiday season but up until now. But then, the console is still in the state of very stocks available but there are stores where consumers could possibly get one.

According to Daily Star, it seems that the months of waiting for the Nintendo NES Classic Mini Edition is over as the stock of the console is about to be refilled. It was also noted that this week the official Nintendo Store and were already retailing very limited numbers of the retro Nintendo console and as anticipated the stock went in a flash.

Also, the Smyths Toys confirmed on its Twitter page that the Mini NES console will be accessible at all of their stores but with very limited stock. Additionally, a representative of Smyths Toys stated that this would be happening this weekend.

Aside from that, CNET cited other stores that could possibly have stock Nintendo NES Classic Mini Edition. The very popular console probably has unit in-store at GameStop and buyers could call their local store to ask if there is an available stock. They also have to keep in mind that the retailer has a policy of one unit per customer.

Newegg is also selling the NES Classic for $210, with free standard shipping. The Marketplace sellers on Amazon are also posting units for sale, although with a price increase. Walmart is another retailer selling units for around $160 and up through third-party merchants. Like with Amazon, shipping costs vary.

Chunk Toys also confirmed that it has consoles in stock, but for $200 but the price seems to vary around $50 to $100 frequently, so buyers may want to monitor on this one. Also, it seems that they offer free shipping. On the other hand, Player's Choice has the original NES Classic Edition tagged at around $190, plus $5 for shipping.

The NES Classic Edition can be found on eBay if you can't find it anywhere else. Be warned, though: As on Amazon -- and just about everywhere else -- people are charging way above the original price of $60.

Last but not the least, Toys R Us might also have stock as it has stated on its website post that "Our stores are expecting new shipments, and this item will soon be on the shelves in a Toys R Us near you, while supplies last. Please visit your local store!"

For the eager fans waiting for the Nintendo NES Classic Mini Edition, they could sign up for alerts from the handy website, But for those who have plenty of time, they could pay a visit to the above-mentioned stores.

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