Brooke Burke-Charvet News: Actress Dishes On ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ Health and Fitness & LBL [EXCLUSIVE]


She's been impressing in the boardroom and during tasks during her current stint on The New Celebrity Apprentice, but away from the TV cameras, Brooke Burke-Charvet is keeping her attention focused elsewhere--on women's health and education.

The reality star spoke to Enstars about her current partnership with Poise Brand to help educate women more about LBL and pelvic health, as well as her stint on Apprentice and her life as a mother.

Enstars: I actually happen to be a big fan of Dancing With The Stars and remember you competing, and of course your years as a host. Do you still keep in touch with former partner Derek Hough or anyone else from the show?

Brooke Burke-Charvet: Sometimes! Tom and I are still friends, and Derek and I, when we can, but everyone's so busy.

Speaking of reality TV, you're also currently on The New Celebrity Apprentice, and have so far managed to avoid elimination, though you were brought into the boardroom once. What was that experience like?

Intimidating to have The Terminator sitting across from you drilling you with questions, but I was prepared for it, and I think one of the awesome things about this show, is learning how to be accountable for your decisions and owning the moves that you make, so I'm not really afraid of that and I think it's part of the process.

Who is one of your favorite people to work with on the show?

Well a lot of them I knew from Dancing actually. Carson and I had already worked together, and Kyle Richards and I, our children went to preschool together so I've known her forever. But Laila [Ali] and I really connected, and I have a lot of respect for Matt Eisman...and Boy George even brought some zen, and being an active Buddhist, he was a peaceful guy must of the time to have on my team.

In addition to TV work, you're also very big with brand partnerships...lately you've seemed more focused on brands that seem to promote healthier and happier lifestyles, like Skechers and your current partnership with Poise. What led to you deciding to take on these partnerships over others?

Well, I think there's some synergy there when I think about brands like Skechers Poise, and in being able to relate to other women and be a trusted mom...I've been very vocal about living out loud, and raising a family and dealing with feminine issues like LBL, that a lot of people weren't really talking about a year ago. And knowing that 1 out of 3 women are suffering from these type of conditions is what really inspired me to get on board, and this education is about educating women it's not just that, we're also teaching them about the importance of pelvic health...and it's important to me to be able to relate to that journey that most women are going through and I have such an active lifestyle.

As you mentioned, you do have a healthy and active lifestyle, but you're also a mom to four kids. How do you find time to devote to fitness and staying healthy, and what kind of exercise plan would you suggest for other busy moms who may not always have the time to devote to those kinds of routines?

...I am busy as a working woman and raising four kids, but I try to get my fitness routine out of the way in the morning, and I guess the easiest way to describe it for me is allowing myself to be a priority as well and not always putting everybody else first, and I think that's a hard concept for a lot of moms to grasp, but it's a commitment to myself and my health and my own well-being and making myself a priority and making a choice to take care of myself.

You were diagnosed with thyroid cancer a few years back and have been cancer free for a while. What role does that experience play in your daily life when it comes to fitness and overall health?

Well it really taught me a valuable lesson, and I feel like I've always lived a healthy lifestyle, but it's so important to understand your body and to get regular physicals and to have a good relationship with your doctors. Surviving thyroid cancer was really scary, but I feel like being a good patient was part of the battle, and taking care of yourself and getting regular check-ups, even for something like LBL...once you begin to understand it, and you know what to do about it, you have a better chance at combating it.

You and your husband David have been married since 2011, and lived together for several years before that, but despite such a long time together, you still seem incredibly happy. What advice would you give to other women who have been with their husbands or partners that long to keep the relationship healthy and vibrant?

I'm glad it looks like that! (Laughs). It's life, there are ups and downs, and everybody goes through it. I think making time to make each other important, and never losing sight of romance....communication and I think compassion is what I would really say. I think being compassionate with one another, is what helps a relationship last and support.

Your daughter Neriah has been building a career for herself as a Youtube Vlogger, with 27,000 subscribers so far. As a mom, how do you feel about her carving a path for herself like that at such a young age?

I'm really proud of her, she's been building her Youtube following on her own, which I give her huge credit for. And we have a close enough relationship where she values my opinion, but I trust her judgement, so I stay out of the way as much as I can, and support and encourage her to try new things. She started her Youtube channel as a musician, and it's really nice to see a young girl focusing on that, and it's not just about shallow social media. She uses her platform for a lot of different things. It's a new generation and I fully understand it and respect it.

What's one of your favorite things to do as a family with your husband and kids?

Well I love to cook, so we have a lot of dinner parties, we're always entertaining. We spend most of our time at home, creating that sort of warm, loving ambiance in Malibu. We spend a lot of time in the backyard with the kids, and just family time, good old-fashioned family time.

Do you have any other future projects you have lined up that you'd like to talk about?

No, I'm just excited about continuing this partnership and taking this campaign to Los Angeles. I'm really focusing on the health and wellness space right now, and I'm happy to be on board to help educate women about LBL. It makes me feel really good, and I think it's important. I never know what's coming up next on television, but I'm really enjoying this time in the health and fitness world.

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