Episode 774 of "One Piece" is all set to take viewers to a fantasy location and they will also be introduced to the mighty millennia-old elephant called Zunisha that carries the weight of an entire country on its back.

Episode 774 has an interesting world lined up and it brings viewers closest to a proper climax, claims Anime News Network. "One Piece" is moving towards the end of Zou arc and therefore, things are all set to turn interesting. Zunisha, the huge elephant, has been there for a long time and the characters have not spent much time wondering about its existence. The last episode saw Luffy and Shirahoshi hearing the voices of the Sea Kings and they came to halt Noah's fall. It also reminded one of the powers Gold Roger's crew is said to possess.

Coming back to Zunisha, it will strike back in the coming episode. Previously, Jack and the Beast Pirates reignited their attack on Zou and bombarded Zunisha, wounding the giant, claims GamesnAnime. This led to the destruction of the feast the Minks had prepared and the plans to round up allies were completely ruined. Amidst all this, Luffy and Momonosuke began to hear a mysterious voice that asked them to hurry up and give out an order. It will now be revealed that the voice belonged to Zunisha.

The elephant is concerned about the fate of the entire civilization of Minks. The Minks would die if the injuries that have been caused by Jack and Beast Pirates result in Zunisha toppling over and dropping the island it is carrying on its back. Notably, the elephant cannot show any hint of violence because of a crime that it committed in the past.

It is because of this inability that it is requesting someone to order it to fight back before it ends up sinking to the bottom of the ocean. Thankfully, the trailer of episode 774 on YouTube indicates someone is coming up to give that necessary order because Zunisha is revealed to be suddenly swinging his trunk.

It is worth mentioning here that the manga series will be celebrating its twentieth anniversary this year. The manga creator, Eiichiro Oda also posted for the first time on Twitter and wrote that he will continue to do his best in the years to come.

"One Piece" Episode 774 is titled "A Battle to Defend Zou! Luffy and Zunisha!"