'Jane The Virgin' Season 3 Episode 10 Spoilers: Jane Recreates First Date With Michael; Rogelio Throws Tantrums On Red Carpet

The last aired episode of "Jane The Virgin" season 3 was full of tensions and stressful scenes. From Jane's anxiety to finish her novel, Michael's nervousness in taking LSAT's and getting into lawsuit down to Rogelio's concern about the possibility of being excluded from his father's will.

"Jane The Virgin" season 3 episode 9 was definitely not rainbows and butterflies for Jane and Michael's marital relationship. Both of them were busy with shaping their careers, with Jane trying her best to push through with her novel and Michael devoting his time in studying for the LSAT's and succeeding in getting into law school.

Meanwhile, Rogelio and Darcy's hot and cold love story seemed to take a good turn as "Jane The Virgin" season 3 episode 9 ended with them agreeing to give things a try. Their roles as Adam and Eve in "Tiago" was a big help in their decision to work things out. The ending of "Tiago" had Rogelio and Darcy dressed as Adam and Eve and during that scene, Rogelio expressed his envy to the first man and woman, who apparently, had no emotional baggage.

Speaking of emotional baggage, it seems like Catalina's character will finally be rid of in "Jane The Virgin" season 3. According to Entertainment Weekly, in the last episode of "Jane The Virgin" season 3, Rafael stood firm with his decision to breakup with Catalina for good, despite of her efforts to come clean with her involvement in Petra's plan. Catalina's exit would surely bring more peace and quiet in "Jane The Virgin" season 3, considering that she has been up to her neck in mischief and other dubiousness.

According to TV Guide, "Jane The Virgin" season 3 episode 10 will most likely focus on undoing and unwinding all of the stress and tension from the previous episode. Jane will recreate her first date with Michael, so that's a really romantic moment to look forward to. Meanwhile, Rogelio will be in another set of trouble in the upcoming "Jane The Virgin" season 3 episode as he is caught throwing a tantrum on the red carpet and the video goes viral.


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