'Borderlands 3' Won't Be Coming To Nintendo Switch, Players Gearing For 2018 Release Date

"Borderlands" game franchise is considered to be one of the original and pioneering loot-shooting games in the market. Although there are lots of loot-shooters games available right now like "The Division" and "Destiny," gamers are still anticipating the release of "Borderlands 3."

According to Forbes, the concept of "Borderlands 3" exist. Unlike those disappointing news and forums that are explicitly saying that the developers of "Borderlands 3" have already raised the white flag, a flicker of hope still remains for the classic, loot-shooter game.

However, the existence of the "Borderlands 3" concept is far from the reality of the game development. Although Euro Gamer reports that Gearbox has already confirmed that "Borderlands 3" will be its next big game, no further updates and developments have been released.

As of writing, "Borderlands 3" is missing a concrete timetable and a run-through of the game's possible contents and features. That said, it would be a long shot to expect "Borderlands 3" release date to be sometime within 2017.

Aside from "Borderlands," Gearbox has also several games tucked under their belt which include "Duke Nukem," "Aliens: Colonial Marines" and "Battleborn." However, among all the games from Gearbox, the "Borderlands" franchise is undeniably the game that has brought home the bacon.

That said, it's totally understandable that a lot of players are hoping that Gearbox will stand true to its announcement last year and will push through with "Borderlands 3." While some might say that "Borderlands 3" creation and development is a seemingly lost cause because of the numerous games available in the market with the same genre, Gearbox still has an edge with the original game concept.

While the future remains to be murky for "Borderlands 3," players of the game franchise are satisfying themselves with its predecessor, "Borderlands 2." The charm of the "Borderlands" game franchise remains to be unperturbed, as Steam reports that more players are playing "Borderlands 2" than the more recent "Battleborn."

According to Gamespot, Gearbox CEO said that "Borderlands 3" will not be available for Nintendo Switch, or for any Nintendo gadget for that matter. "I do not see that as happening. We were talking to Nintendo, but that stopped for some reason. They have other priorities," Gearbox Software CEO, Randy Pitchford, said.

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