World famous singer Beyonce on her Instagram profile announced that she is pregnant and that her family will expand by two more members. She did it spectacularly, with her picture that shows a rounded stomach and a nice message that is softened many.After many news about politics and the arrival of Donald Trump as president, one good news has pleased many people and completely changed the atmosphere on social networks.

"We would like to share your love and happiness. We are blessed twice. We are grateful that our family will be extended to two more members, and thank you for your good wishes." Beyonce wrote in the title picture.Other social media users were less eloquent, so they relied on gifs and emojis to showcase their euphoria.

According to BBC news, the photo shows Beyonce kneeling in front of a huge hedge of roses. She is wearing blue satin knickers and a maroon bra, covered with a long green veil, and already heavily pregnant.It's fitting that "Halo" singer uses Instagram to share her great news.

Twitter has become an all-out war zone between alt-right egg accounts and the professional left.Facebook is filled with posts from friends and relatives begging people to call their Senators, attend the next event, or sign a petition.Instagram is definitely something like the place where there is nothing but home-decorating photos, artfully staged food and cute babies. In other words, it's just an apolitical oasis in these troubled times.

The singer's news was powerful enough to bring some of the Insta-tranquility over to the rest of social media, and for an hour or so political Twitter was filled with jokes about Beyonce's baby shower and several plays on "Betwice".The famous couple, who previously suffered a miscarriage, are "over the moon," according to Us Weekly. "They are ecstatic. They have been trying for a long time," the insider told added. Beyonce (in 2012) gave birth to a girl Blu Ivy, which will surely be the best big sister.