Apple's upcoming 10th-anniversary smartphone is reportedly to be called iPhone 8 and is said to carry several exiting new features. Foremost among them is going to be wireless charging. There is apparently an ongoing speculation that Energous has forged a deal with Apple to potentially provide wireless charging technology for iPhone 8.

According to Mac Rumors, Energous has continually hinted that the company has established an agreement with a consumer electronic company leading people to believe that Apple is that partner. However, apparently, Apple has no plans to use Energous' radio frequency-based wireless charging solution. It is said that many of Apple's inductive charging patents outline the improvements Apple has made in the field, and it is speculated that Apple is developing an in-house inductive charging solution for the iPhone 8.

It is Further said in the report that in addition to the credibility of consistent reports towards Apple's apparent inductive wireless charging roadmap, the next iPhone will feature glass casing because inductive charging does not effectively penetrate aluminum cases. Aluminum is reportedly the material for the current iPhone casings.

In a post by BGR, it is said that several articles has already been published about the iPhone 8 that will reportedly feature a new bold design. Apparently, the new iPhones are among the thrilling smartphones to be unveiled each year, but this time the iPhone 8 is geared to be something extra ordinary. It is apparently rumored that Apple might be backtracking to a design that features a glass front and back stainless steel around the edges.

Accordingly, it is quite strange that Apple will go back to designs similar to the ones being used on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. Apparently, the company has moved on to the sturdier metal housings. There is a logic according to rumors for Apple's shift to the previous designs because this will add support for an induction wireless charging the company is developing.