Intel is the processor of choice for mainstream computing for the last ten years. Year after year, the company has been stable in releasing new products to complement the market demands. However, it might be that Intel's prime is now numbered, especially now that AMD Ryzen processors are on their way.

According to a report from Coolaler, AMD has intentions of launching as much as 17 different versions of the new AMD Ryzen chip. Generally, the lineup is divided into three major versions which are eight-core, six-core and four-cores. These processors will be called as the SR7, SR5 and SR3, respectively.

The SR7, that is Summit Ridge 7 processor, will directly challenge the Broadwell-E i7-6900K chip for Intel. Just like the i7-6900K, the SR7 will have eight cores and 16 threads inbuilt and the base frequency will be 3.0 GHz while the boost will be at 3.6 GHz. This chip will be available in four other subcategories also.

The SR5 will fight with the i5-7500K Kaby Lake processor. The AMD Ryzen Chip variant will have the same base and boost frequency as the SR7 but only running with six cores and 12 threads. There will be six different SR5 types in the AMD processor lineup.

Lastly, the SR3 processor will go head-to-head with the rest of Intel's lower class processors and unlike the SR5 and SR7, the SR 3 will have a base frequency of 3.2 GHZ and a boost of 3.4 GHz. AMD Ryzen's this variant will come in four subclasses with varying performance ratings.

According to AMD CEO Lisa Su, the AMD Ryzen processor will make their appearance into the market sometime in the month of March. Currently, the company has just launched a series of AM4-socket motherboards that will compliment the processors. AMD is adamant in selling the new Ryzen chips at a much lower cost than Intel's mainstream processors. AMD is however, hoping that this, in addition to the superb processing power, will be enough to generate much interest, as per PC Gamesn.

It will be interesting to see how the Ryzen processors perform in the real world market. Knowing that it will be cheaper than the alternative, it gives hope to promising PC enthusiasts. In addition, it is high time that Intel got a good competition to shake things up and call for considerable improvements to its product line.