The Justice Department reportedly urged a federal appeals court recently to reinstate President Trump's travel ban, arguing that a judge's order blocking the ban will endanger national security and violate the separation of powers between the administrative and judiciary branches of government. Accordingly, those that are opposed said that obstructing the ban is a threat to the rule of law, to the nation's security, and to the economy.

In a report by The Boston Globe, it is said with the filing of the administration's brief to reinstate the travel ban, Trump's young presidency is apparently ready for its most important judicial test, acting on the most disruptive initiative yet that will certainly yield the first appellate ruling.

Reportedly, the appeals court has rejected the immediate reinstating of the ban. Ostensibly, lawyers of the two states that oppose the ban, Washington and Minnesota, contended that any resumption would create disruption that could lead to the separation of families and stranding of university students.

The Justice Department rejoined that the president has a clear mandate to implement the administrative order to maintain national security. It said the travel ban was intended to conduct a review necessary in enhancing entry screening procedures thereby ensuring that adequate safety nets are in place protect the country against terrorist attacks.

As further elaborated by The New York Times, that according to the brief, the court order blocking the ban should be at most limited to aliens who have already left the country and those who wish to travel and return back to the United States in the future. Seemingly in so doing, the federal government could block the entry of people who have never visited the United States.

In addition, it is also stated in the brief that the uncertainty and ambiguity created by the restraining order will make it far more difficult and expensive for US companies to hire some of the world's best talent, and also hinders the companies from competing in the global marketplace.