Lenovo's newly announced Yoga A12 apparently is about 12.2 inches and only slightly bigger than the Yoga Book that was introduced last year. It also runs on Android is said to be one of the most innovative tablet form and still manage to sell at around $300.

According to Computer World, the Yoga A12 runs on an old chip from Intel that may cause disenchantment to enthusiasts who are seeking the latest and greatest hardware. Apparently, the highlight of Yoga A12 is a feature adapted from last year's Yoga Book, that is the versatile touch panel that can be a smartphone-like virtual keyboard.

The Yoga A12 specs reportedly are fairly typical, but the12.2-inch HD display with a 1,280 x 800-pixel resolution spins around at 360-degrees from the keyboard so it can be positioned as a laptop, slate or kickstand for movie viewing. It is said that the back-lit input touch panel replaces the hard keyboard. The virtual keyboard apparently provides an experience similar to the ones on-screen in smartphones and tablets.

In a recent post by Digital Trends, it is reported that the Yoga A12 just like the Yoga Book also features the futuristic-looking Halo keyboard. The keyboard is said to be flat and does not have any raised keys but offers haptic feedback on touch. Seemingly, the built-in prediction and artificial learning software adapts to typing habits just like the keyboards in most smartphones.

Apparently, the Yoga A12 packs 32GB of internal storage, but unfortunately only comes with 2GB of RAM, and is powered by the Intel Atom X5 processor. Reportedly, there is no pen or digitizer pad in the Halo keyboard unlike the stylus features of the Yoga Book. It is further rumored that a 10,500mAh battery life is claimed to keep the tablet running for about 13 hours.