Apple Inc. has delivered huge discounts on some of the items like iPad Pro, iPad Mini 2 and Apple Watch. The said price slash somewhat indicate that iPad Pro 2 is making its way on the market shelves.

CNET has learned that Apple is apparently giving huge discounts to its products such as iPad Pro, iPad Mini 2 and Apple Watch. With this scenario, tech enthusiasts are speculating that these discounts offered by Apple are signs that iPad Pro 2 will be unveiled this March 2017, the device's first anniversary.

When it comes with the markdowns, Apple Inc. is giving a $150 discount for all the varieties of the iPad Pro. For iPad Pro 32GB, it is now tagged at $450 from $600, t128GB for $550 from $700 and 256GB for $650 from $800. Aside from that, the entry-level Pro can be obtained at $50.

Additionally, the following discounts are also accessible for Apple Watch and iPad Mini 2. The Apple Watch Series 138mm is now priced at $200 from $270 while the Apple Watch Series 142mm is now accessible at $230 from $300. Meanwhile, the iPad Mini 2 is now sold at $220 from $270.

On the other hand, PC Advisor noted that the iPad Pro 2 is expected to hit the market shelves in March 2017. The iPad Pro successor will be available in sizes: 12.9-inch with A10X processor, 10.1-10.5-inch with A10X processor and the low-cost 9.7-inch with A9 or A9X processor. It was also noted that first two variants will arrive with the updated Apple Pencil 2 but then, only the second cited variant is estimated to have thinner bezels.

Also, the new iPad Pro 2 concepts also propose a revolutionary iPad range in 2018 which means the application of flexible AMOLED display. Aside from that, the absence of a physical home button at the front is also much expected from the new iPad Pro.

For the Apple Inc. patrons, the discounts can only be availed through the store and not online. Also, these deals will be accessible until February 11, 2017, based on the monthly publication of Apple.