'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: Tier System Changed, 10 KM Hatching Might Be Phased Out

Will there be a "Pokemon Go" Valentine's in-game event? That was the question "Pokemon Go" players have been listlessly wondering since the year began, as the game's novelty seemed to die down after the holidays.

Thankfully, Niantic might have heard the clamor of the playing public and has granted them the "Pokemon Go" Valentine's event. According to Forbes, the said event has already begun with mainly pink colored pocket monsters popping almost everywhere.

Aside from pink-hued Pokemon popping here and there, the "Pokemon Go" Valentine's event also doubles the candy generation and makes the lures last for six hours. However, players have noticed something else - a major rebalancing of the entire egg economy as well as changes in the process of getting candy upgrades and hunting down pocket monsters.

Put simply, players have noticed that with the "Pokemon Go" Valentine's update, the entire tier system has been changed. Several pocket monsters have moved down a tier in term of the distance players have to walk to hatch the eggs. Some pocket monsters who originally required 5km walk before hatching were cut down to 2km while those that required 10km distance before hatching were downgraded to 5km.

The players are actually confused if this is a glitch or part of the "Pokemon Go" Valentine's event. Since it is still undetermined if this feature is temporary or will stay for good, "Pokemon Go" players are taking advantage of the time to hatch the eggs at a shorter distance and time.

According to Express UK, the not so subtle change in the tier system was supposed to be a secret that's why it came unannounced. However, it was only a matter of time until players noticed the "Pokemon Go" update especially since a 5km drop from the usual 10km is hard to overlook.

As of writing, Niantic has yet to give an official statement about the said issue. However, players are hoping that the shortened distance and tier system is not a glitch and will stay for good, even after the "Pokemon Go" Valentine's event wraps up.


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