Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban Married: Actress Admits Husband 'Wasn't Interested' In Her At First, Took '4 Months' To Call Her [VIDEO]


They seem to be happy these days, 10 years into their marriage, but Nicole Kidman has admitted she once believed she was never going to have a life with Keith Urban, let alone a relationship.

In a recent appearance on The Ellen Show to promote her new HBO series Big Little Lies, Kidman admitted to Ellen DeGeneres that after she and Urban first met, she thought he didn't like her because he took a long time to call her.

"I remember thinking I had such a crush on him and he wasn't interested in me," Kidman admitted of their 2005 meeting at the G'Day USA gala honoring Australians in L.A.

"That's not true," DeGeneres replied.

"It's true! He didn't call me for four months," Kidman said.

And while she said they don't discuss what happened back then now, the pair are happy now, 10 years after their June 2006 wedding, with two daughters, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret, together.

Kidman's admission is also funny because she has teased Jimmy Fallon in the past about his allegedly screwing up a chance to date her before as well, most recently joking during her appearance on The Tonight Show in November that he blew it with her a second time at a dinner party at David Finch's house years before, when he failed to ask for her number after she lurked in the kitchen trying to get him to ask for it.

"My agent had said Jimmy's going to be there and you'll see, he's going to ask for your number, and it could happen this way, and you'll see," she recalled. "And we're lurking in the kitchen,, everyone went out, and I'm like waiting and waiting and waiting, and you're at the buffet and this is so true and you know it, and you still didn't ask for my number, and you were so not interested!"

Urban even got in on the action by also appearing during the interview and joking with Fallon as well about his inability to pay attention to the signals his wife sent out to him when she was single.

"Would you ever invite me over to the house?" Fallon asked Urban.

"Yeah, and actually I'd feel quite safe, because you have no problem ignoring my wife in the kitchen apparently," Urban joked.


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