US President Trump reportedly has promised to order new security measures by next week that will stop terrorists from entering the United States. The President's statement apparently came a day after a three-judge panel rejected his appeal to lift the temporary restraining order on his original travel ban. Allegedly, even the President's aides are now debating on whether to ask the Supreme Court to reinstate the travel ban that is currently been blocked by lower courts.

According to MSN, Mr. Trump said he might sign a brand-new order that would be aimed at accomplishing the same purpose as the original travel ban but, presumably, with a stronger legal basis. While he supposedly vowed to keep fighting for his original order in court, it is said that he also implied not to wait for the court process for him to take action in his fight against terrorism.

In the post by the New York Times, President Trump reportedly told reporters that his administration will win the battle. He allegedly further stated that said that that there are a lot of other options, including just filing a brand-new order. However, a new version of the executive order would accordingly amount to an implicit admission that the administration could have a hard time to overturn the decision issued by a panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Apparently, even some conservative lawyers allied with the White House have implied that there is little chance of prevailing right away with the Supreme Court.

Reportedly the President goal, describing what is in his mind of for the new order, is to go very strong on security. He said that the US is going to have people coming to the country, but he wants the visitors to be in the US for a good reason.