Deformers is an upcoming online multiplayer combat arena game that was scheduled to be launched in February but apparently, the release was delayed. Accordingly, the delay will be short because the company just needed ample time to properly stress-test the game. Ready at Dawn's Deformers will reportedly also run on the engine built for The Order: 1886 and will support PlayStation 4 Pro with explicit augmentations.

In the post by COGConnected, Ready at Dawn announced last year that The Order: 1886 developer was working on a project and its new game will be called Deformers. The new game is an online multiplayer combat arena game that places the emphasis on physics, and there will be an Open Beta on Steam. It was also reported that PS4 Pro holders might get higher than 1080P resolution when not playing in split screen.

According to TweakTown, the PC version will be the better version, and it is seemingly also to be enhanced. Ready at Dawn apparently guarantees that on PC the firm will provide every version and reliability option available. The company promises 60FPS+ on all platforms, with 900p on the Xbox One and 1080p for the PS4. It is further said that on consoles, the game runs at 60+ FPS on all platforms. The console also has a target resolution of 1080p on PS4 and 900p on Xbox One. Accordingly, a dynamic resolution system is used if or when it is needed to ensure that the frame rate is maintained.

It is also said that it can be noticed that on the Xbox One the rendering resolution is 900p, which is then upscaled to 1080p for output. Furthermore, seemingly the regular PS4 gets 60FPS, of up to three player split screen, then dips into the 50FPS in a four player split screen. On PS4 Pro it apparently runs at 6060FPS even in 4 player split screen, and with extra graphics quality options automatically enabled.