James Hetfield Annoyed By 59th Grammy Awards Mishap; Stagehand Accidentally Turned Off Metallica Vocalist’s Microphone [VIDEO]

Metallica and Lady Gaga performed together at the 59th Grammy Awards for their collaborated song "Moth Into Flame." As everyone was excited about the performance, it looked like the rock icon James Hetfield got a little frustrated with the mishap that, unfortunately, happened.

Fans were hoping to witness an incredible performance from Metallica and Lady Gaga. In fact, the rock band promised that their viewers would witness "something very unique and special," but things got a little shaky when James Hetfield's microphone was not working, according to Loudwire.

The presentation started with an introduction by Laverne Cox. The "Orange is the New Black" star managed to present Lady Gaga but not Metallica. However, she later gave a public apology on her Twitter page for not mentioning James Hetfield's band.

The performance started powerfully when Lady Gaga emerged on the stage while Metallica was starting to rock. But when it was James Hetfield's turn to sing, nothing can be heard from the 53-year-old vocalist as his mic seemed turned off.

James Hetfield then decided to share the microphone with Lady Gaga as they sang "Moth Into Flame" chorus together. The mic went on at the second version of the song, but the Metallica's vocalist seemed losing his cool already.

At the end of "Moth Into Flame," James Hetfield can be seen kicking the microphone stand while throwing his guitar to a man at the backstage. TMZ reported that the mishap was caused by a reckless stagehand.

Some sources from the 59th Grammy Awards production told the publication that everything was setup fine before the performance, but the wire under the stage got accidentally unplugged. It has been said that a stagehand had done it unintentionally that made James Hetfield's microphone turned off almost the whole time Metallica and Lady Gaga were singing "Moth Into Flame."

Although this happened to the much-awaited phenomenal performance of Metallica and Lady Gaga, people behind the production managed to fix the wire a few seconds before the song ended. And even if James Hetfield seemed annoyed and irritated they handled their performance well and he performed like a pro that he is.

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