'Horizon Zero Dawn' News: Sony's Jon Edwards Revealed Aloy Is A "PlayStation Icon Of The Future" [VIDEO]

It is less than two weeks until "Horizon Zero Dawn's" release exclusively for PlayStation 4 take place. As the patrons Sony look forward to the RPG game's launch, the Japanese tech giant has revealed that Aloy which is a character from the video game is 'PlayStation Icon Of The Future.'

According to MCV, Sony's "Horizon Zero Dawn" has been one of the much-anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusive this year. Recently in an interview, Sony Interactive Entertainment UK's product manager Jon Edwards revealed that the company is really excited with the patron's reaction to the forthcoming RPG game. As a matter of fact, the people behind the "Horizon Zero Dawn" feel that this video game will be a thrilling addition to the vast collection of PlayStation exclusives already offered.

Furthermore, Jon Edwards said that handling beliefs of the company's patrons are a really tough job. But then, Sony is trying to put emphasis on "Horizon Zero Dawn" stuff that resembles the live playthroughs from the team at Guerrilla and also to provide a preview of what Aloy will encounter in the post-apocalyptic world.

The product manager even described the "Horizon Zero Dawn" as a "Civilization as we know it has gone." Edward further added that "The world has been reclaimed by nature and is now dominated by machines. We follow Aloy; an agile, cunning and inquisitive hunter, on her quest to unravel the truth of the world around her own past."

Additionally, GameSpot has noted that Jon Edwards said that features a female lead for "Horizon Zero Dawn" has not been a concern in any way for the video game's promotion strategy. He further added that he himself antedates Aloy becoming a "PlayStation icon of the future."

For reference, the "Horizon Dawn Zero's" character Aloy was inspired by the "Game of Thrones" character Ygritte. Also, it can be remembered during the early stages of "Horizon Zero Dawn", PlayStation president of Worldwide Studios stated in 2015 that the company is wondering of having a female protagonist. Since "Horizon Zero Dawn" is such an important project, the Japanese tech company even conducted focus tests to know how their avid fans would react.

The "Horizon Zero Dawn" that is exclusive for PlayStation 4 will be launched on Feb. 28 which was a few weeks from now. Meanwhile, Sony's patrons in Europe will have to wait for a day as the game's launch there will be on Mar. 1.

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