"Pokemon GO" patrons has been eagerly waiting for Niantic to divulge its plans for the hit game but they failed to hear anything about its forthcoming campaigns. Now, Niantic's CEO John Hanke has broken the silence as he reveals the plans for the video game.

According to Forbes, Niantic's CEO John Hanke had an interview and he revealed not just the company's success with the "Pokemon GO" but also a bit about what the gamers could expect. But then Hanke doesn't divulge any concrete information about the release date.

Hanke stated that PvP and Pokemon trading are features that may be already incorporated in the "Pokemon GO" but due to some game's initial server problems, it wasn't integrated. He further said that a lot of deferrals on major features are may be due to of those initial glitches. But then, Niantic still believes that fixing the basics were significant before moving on. Niantic's CEO then assures the "Pokemon GO" gamers that the trading and PvP are on the way.

Aside from that, it was worth mentioning that John Hanke still has an ultimate vision of Niantic-led live events. As a matter of fact, he stated that he loves events and that it is something he wanted Niantic to solve this year. But then he further explained that "It's complicated, though, to do them at the scale that 'Pokemon GO' demands."

Furthermore, GameSpot has learned that John Hanke publicized that "Pokemon GO" has earned ample amount of money last year that can support Niantic for a long time and maybe forever. "Last year has funded us, you know, indefinitely, really," Niantic's CEO said in an interview.

It can be remembered that neither Niantic nor The Pokemon Company has ever publicized much money "Pokemon GO" has garnered. Nevertheless, there is a report claiming that the hit game had made $600 million in its first 90 days. All of those incomes were derived from microtransactions, since "Pokemon GO" is a free-to-play game.

With the information that Niantic's CEO John Hanke reveals the "Pokemon GO" players surely obtained more information than they usually acquire. Moreover, at this rate; it seems that PvP or trading will arrive before Gen 2 or Legendaries.