'League of Legends' News Update: Practice Tool Now Live; Riot Games Confirmed It Focuses On 5 Areas [VIDEO]


A month ago, Riot Games has confirmed before that it will be releasing a Practice Tool for "League of Legends" that will focus on five areas of the game. Now, the said tool is ready to be utilized to refine skills of players without wasting hours in custom games.

According to The Escapist, it was just last month when Riot Games has publicized that it will have plans of delivering a Practice Tool to "League of Legends" players. The said tool will allow the gamers the capability to move into a single-player environment wherein they can control almost the whole thing.

Furthermore, PC Gamer stated in its article that the Riot Games even confirmed that the Practice Tool for "League of Legends" basically focuses on Champion mechanics and combos, jungle practice, endless last hitting, item build DPS checks, and map familiarity. Additionally, Riot has stated that this tool is projected for players of all skills levels.

 It was also released with more than a dozen player, game state, and jungle commands which are meant for allowing the basics of "League of Legends.' Other features are also expected to be added that will support other types of practice.

The Riot Games said that the development process for "League of Legends" Practice Tool has been somewhat different compared with what they usually do. He further explained that their team has selected to target obtaining a 'bare-bones version' of the tool that the players could use as soon as possible.

For the League of Legend" players the training tool is accessible under the "Training" tab, but then if they haven't seen it they could update their client for the tool to be set. Moreover, if the gamers have seen some of the glitches, they could tell it to Riot Games for them to improve or somewhat fix those things that they have missed out.

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