Prince Charles Livid: Biography Reveals That Prince Philip Forced Son To Marry Diana

The Princess Diana story still hasn't died down. There are more facts emerging in a new biography by Sally Bedell Smith. The details sound pretty murky. Smith looks into Prince Charles' difficult relationship with his father Prince Philip and explains that the son had been forced to marry Princess Diana by his father.

Prince Charles' biography titled "Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Life" by Sally Bedell Smith explores the difficult relationship between the father and son. Prince Charles felt that forcing him to marry Princess Diana had been "coercive and accusatory," according to Royalcentral.

Even his cousin Pamela Hicks reveals details in Prince Charles' biography of a threatening letter that he had got from his father after the prince had spent one night on a train in 1980. Hence, Prince Charles had been bulldozed into marriage, whether he had wanted to or not. The sordid facts of what exactly happened when he got the letter, and what he had said to Princess Diana, have been written in detail.

What looked like a fairytale wedding soon turned into a nightmare. Princess Diana claimed that she always felt "misunderstood," according to Mail Online. Even as Prince Charles and Princess Diana got divorced in 1996, Princess Diana got killed in a car crash in Paris a year later. Price Charles then got back to his first love and mistress, Camilla Parker Bowles, in 2005.

Readers are now treated to the difficult relationship between father and son. Prince Philip described his son Prince Charles as a 'romantic' even as he felt that he himself was a 'pragmatist.' Both men did not look at everything with the same eye.

Prince Charles does not even agree with everything that his mother Queen Elizabeth says. One reason she is reluctant to step down is that she feels Charles is not ready to become King of England. Without her, she is sure that the very foundation of the monarchy would be shaken up.

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