"Pokemon Go" players are convinced that these some elusive Pokemon are region-locked to specific locations. The lack of actual encounters with Corsola, Farfetch'd, Heracross, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime, Tauros made them among the rarest in the Niantic game.

"Pokemon Go" developer has still to confirm the regional availabilities of these Pokemon according to Eurogamer. However, some players have already taken major steps in finding where one can catch these elusive creatures.

The North American player who was reported to have caught every creature in "Pokemon Go" according to a report by Toronto Sun has missed Farfetch'd, Kangaskhan and Mr. Mime in his collection. Are these Pokemon truly region-locked?

Pokemon Corsola is reported to be found in the tropics region. It is a psychic/fairy type, just like Mr. Mime, which is commonly found in water areas between the two tropics. "Pokemon Go" researchers suggest that Corsola can be found in, but not in all parts of, Africa, Asia, Australia, Latin American and south Florida, USA. Meanwhile, Mr. Mime seems to be region locked in Europe, specifically London.

Though Farfetch'd is reported to be region-locked in Asia, there have been sightings of the flying Pokemon in city centers and parks. This may be due to its type which is a flying Pokemon. "Pokemon Go" players in Japan and South Korea have reported the appearance of Farfetch'd in their region.

Heracross is a bug or a fighting Pokemon. It is generally found everywhere but there have been more reports of sightings in southern parts of Florida and Texas.

"Pokemon Go" players are in debate whether Kangaskhan is exclusive in Australia or Australasia. Some have also reported sightings in New Zealand.

Tauros is reported to like expensive, desert-like or rodeo-related areas. However, "Pokemon Go" players are also still in debate whether it is locked in North America only, or does it appear on countries in South America as well.