Mariah Carey welcomed 2017 with a bang as her New Year's Even countdown performance went viral on the internet. In the video, the diva was clearly not having any of the technical difficulties during her performance and ended up with an iconic lip-sync disaster.

According to Rolling Stone, Mariah Carey admitted that the New Year's Eve countdown performance was a chaotic mess. As expected, the 46-year old singer got a lot of flak from the said performance. However, being the diva that she is, Mariah Carey rose from the debris of her botched performance and cleared the air by saying that everyone was to be blamed, including herself.

She also added that the events that transpired during the lip-sync debacle was out of her control. "It was a mess, and I blame everybody, and I blame myself for not leaving after rehearsal," Mariah Carey said.

Despite of the New Year's Eve countdown performance chaos, diehard fans of Mariah Carey have continued to support their idol. In fact, they have been defending their beloved Mimi on social media. Most of Mariah Carey's fan believe that it was not Mariah's intention to end up with an embarrassing situation on live TV.

Meanwhile, since her split with former fiance, James Packer, happened in Oct. 2016, it seems like Mariah Carey has not experienced any problem moving on. According to reports, the "We Belong Together" singer is starting anew with former boyfriend, Brian Tanaka.

Meanwhile, it seems like Mariah Carey is still in good terms with the father of her twins, Nick Cannon. According to E! News, Mariah Carey reached out to congratulate Nick Cannon on the birth of his son, Golden "Sagon" Cannon. The bouncing baby boy is Nick Cannon's son with Brittany Bell. According to sources, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon continue to be on good terms and try their best to be good parents to their twins, Moroccan and Monroe.