Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Divorce: Actress 'No Longer Liked' In Hollywood After Split From Actor? [VIDEO]

She may still be the parent who has sole custody of their six children, but it appears public opinion and status in Hollywood may have been something Brad Pitt was able town more than Angelina Jolie during the pair's bitter divorce and custody battle.

According to a new report in The Sun, Jolie's attempts to publicly smear Pitt's image with unfounded allegations of child abuse, as well as the other reports about his alleged problems with drugs and alcohol did nothing to keep support from being sent more in his direction, and now, the split in general may lead to Jolie no longer really having any friends in Hollywood.

"She's so disliked in LA now it will be a miracle if she is able to salvage any friendships," a source told the publication.

Among the issues she'll face are the ones from her past where she was less than kind to not only Pitt's female co-stars, but also the women who his pals, including Matt Damon and George Clooney, dated and married.

"Angelina has always been a guy's girl. She has always been brutal when it came to Brad's female co-stars-but that's nothing compared to his buddies' girlfriends. She was horrifically rude to George Clooney's girls, particularly Stacy Keibler, and she totally snubbed Amal when she came to hear her to speak in the UK," the source said.

And, the source continued,since she has a bad reputation with these women, and Pitt is great at networking, it is going to be more difficult for her in the future to find financing for some of her films.

"Brad hides this well but he's an accomplished Hollywood networker. He's taken a load of contacts and friends with him," the source said. "She'll have to turn to China for money for another big movie because Brad is such a prominent producer now, with key relationships with all the big financiers. Nobody will want to look like they're disloyal to him by under-writing a movie she directs."

The source also maintained that it's not a surprise that Hollywood seems to be more behind Pitt than his estranged wife.

"I'm not surprised Hollywood has backed Brad," the source said. "They realize it takes two to tango."

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