Twenty-one years ago today, the first "Pokémon" video was released in Japan. To commemorate the special occasion, the franchise has now launched several new promotions across its different products. The special day dedicated to the franchise is officially referred to as "Pokémon Day" and is celebrated every Feb. 27 each year.

The "Pokémon Day" promotions encompass different areas in the industry, which includes special shows on Pokémon TV, special bonuses for "Pokémon Trading Card Game" players, new high-quality collectible figures and a new special event for its popular augmented reality mobile video game, "Pokémon Go."

Former players and newcomers to the "Pokémon Go" mobile game have recently been given a reason to get back into Pokémon training, all thanks to the game's latest update that included new features and Gen 2 Pokémon. As an added bonus today, developers have now added a new party hat Pikachu that should be popping up in the game over the course of the week.

According to The Pokémon Company Website, the party hat Pikachu will only be available for a limited time. "Pokémon Go" players are advised to catch the cute part hat-wearing Pokémon as the promo will officially end at 9 p.m. GMT on March 6. Those who can manage to encounter and catch the party hat Pikachu before the promo ends will be able to keep the uniquely costumed Pokémon indefinitely, while all other uncaught party hats Pikachus will revert back to their non-hat wearing form.

It is not yet clear if the party hat Pikachu will be able to retain his party hat when he is evolved into Raichu. However, a report from Gamespot reveals that a similar promotion that was held over the holidays last year could indicate that an evolution might not necessarily remove the party hat. The festive hat-wearing Pikachu that was released in the previous promotion was still able to retain its unique headgear despite being evolved into a Raichu. Stay tuned for more news and updates about "Pokémon Go."