Bookworms and "Game of Thrones" fans are still patiently waiting for the release of George R.R. Martin's sixth novel, "The Winds of Winter." As there are a lot of assumptions when it will be released, there are now surfacing news that it will be unveiled at the author's 70th birthday.

It would be George R.R. Martin's 70th birthday on Sept. 20, 2018. Hence, a lot believed that he will finally unveil "The Winds of Winter" as a gift to his fans, Korea Portal reported.

The possible release of "The Winds of Winter" on George R.R. Martin's natal day is like his token of gratitude to followers, who supported him from day one until now. However, the American novelist earlier said that the sixth installment of "A Song of Ice and Fire" series might be unveiled before 2017 ends.

To recall, George R.R. Martin revealed that he already made progress writing "The Winds of Winter." Although the development is far from what he expects, he is eyeing to complete it this 2017. But, he also reminded everyone that he said the same thing in 2016.

Meanwhile, in the "Game of Thrones" fan page Winter is Coming, it reported that George R.R. Martin talked about "The Winds of Winter." On his online journal Not A Blog, the 68-year-old was asked if he would still read new chapters of the much-awaited book at future cons.

"I may give readings at upcoming cons, but they will probably be of chapters I've read before at other cons," George R.R. Martin responded. The novelist noticed that he might be giving too much of "The Winds of Winter" in every reading.

"It was not such a problem before the internet, but now everything I read gets transcribed, posted and leaked all over the world," he explained. On the contrary, after George R.R. Martin said he won't read sample chapters of "The Winds of Winter" in 2014, he recited some excerpt of "Mercy." GRRM has yet to confirm the sixth novel's release, thus fans should only take this with a grain of salt.