‘Young Justice’ Season 3 Spoilers: Jason Spisak Hints Kid Flash Return; Wally West Might be Still Alive

As "Young Justice" Season 3 is about to hit the television screens once again, fans are now wondering if Wally West, aka Kid Flash, is set to appear. The character played by Jason Spisak is already considered dead in the previous season, but the voice actor hinted his return.

On his Twitter page, Jason Spisak shared a two-minute clip his upcoming animated movie "Teen Titans: The Judas Contract." "A tiny taste of Wally from the new #TTJudasContract movie for those who can't wait for #YJSeason3!" he captioned. As he used the "Young Justice" Season 3 hashtag, a lot quickly assumed that he will be reprising his role as Kid Flash in the much-awaited series.

To recall, Kid Flash sacrificed himself in the show's previous season finale. However, some question if he really died or he just entered the Speed Force, Movie Pilot reported. With that, there's a big possibility that Wally West is still alive and will be seen in "Young Justice" Season 3.

Moreover, fans are also full of hopes that Kid Flash is going to return in "Young Justice" Season 3. In fact, they already cast their predictions how Wally West will make his triumphant comeback in the series.

According to Inverse, someone might reverse the incident that happened in the previous season. Another idea is one might try to rescue him from the Speed Force to bring Kid Flash alive in "Young Justice" Season 3.

In fact, in the comic version, the 1986 "Crisis on Infinite Earths," it wasn't really Kid Flash who died but Barry Allen. After the latter's death, the one-in-charge took up the mantle and became the Flash. Hence, Wally West might just be trapped in an alternate reality and might be seen returning in "Young Justice" Season 3.

Meanwhile, as Jason Spisak teased his return in "Young Justice" Season 3 as Kid Flash, his character will be first seen in the upcoming movie "Teen Titan: The Judas Contract." He will be joined by Masasa Moyo and Crispin Freeman reprising their roles as Bumblebee and Speedy.

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