Longmire has had its fair share of ups and down as it premiered on A&E, got cancelled and resurrected by Netflix. The popular streaming company's decision to take Longmire into its home came as a delightful shock to the fans who were more than happy to see the contemporary crime drama to be back on air. However, it seems like the fate of Longmire Season 6 is not yet determined and fans are anxiously awaiting the decision of Netflix.

According to Cinema Blend, Netflix has announced that Longmire will be cancelled. Thankfully for fans, the cancellation will not come abruptly. After taking the reigns from A&E, Netflix has produced two successful seasons of Longmire and will end with one last production for the final season this year.

Longmire Season 6 will reportedly have 10 episodes and viewers can expect them to be jampacked with plot twists and resolutions as the showrunners and writers pull together to tie all the loose ends for the finale. The Longmire Season 6 air date remains to be announced but unconfirmed reports reveal that the last run of the series is set to air by the last quarter of 2017.

According to What's On Netflix, Longmire Season 6 is projected to air by Sept. 2017. Take this report with a grain of salt though as Netflix has yet to release an official air date for the series. Netflix hasn't released a statement on the cancellation of the contemporary crime drama but some viewers believe that it's because of the decline in viewership with the past two seasons.

Although the fans of the crime drama are disappointed with the decision to cancel the series after Season 6, critics are actually amazed that the said series has dragged on for six seasons. Admittedly, Longmire Season 6 is not as mainstream as other TV series, with its Western setting and cowboy-themed characters.