Here is good news for the fans of the soap opera, "Days of Our Lives" as NBC has renewed the show for Season 52. Ken Corday, the executive producer of the show also revealed that the upcoming season will deal with a murder mystery and some of the couples may end up separated.

In a statement, the executive producer of "Days of Our Lives," Ken Corday, announced happily that the NBC's show has been renewed, so fans will witness "Days of Our Lives" Season 52 in the coming days, TV Guide reported. He further added that the show will continue to be a part of the NBC family. Ken Corday also thanked the network and Sony for their immense support and longstanding partnership.

Notably, "Days of Our Lives" is set in Salem, a fictional town. And according to the details revealed by Ken Corday, the upcoming "Days of Our Lives" Season 52 will have a murder mystery and some of the couples in the show will break up, but fans can expect Chad and Abby to stick together.

He also stated that some of the fans may not have liked the way the story was taking shape in "Days of Our Lives" so they are looking for solutions to resolve it. The replacement of the co-head writer, Dena Higley with Ron Carlivati, a General Hospital alum might be one step that the show took. "Days of Our Lives" Season 52 is also expected to features several exciting twists.

In the meantime, according to spoilers from She Knows Soaps, the coming episodes of "Days of Our Lives" Season 51 will have Deimos planning to kidnap Holly after Nicole clearly tells him that she is done with him. Deimos will be angry with Brady as well for loving Nicole. There will be a lot of tension between Paul and Sonny, but later they will investigate to find evidence about Deimos's connection to the antiques that were stolen.

"Days of Our Lives" Season 52 airs on NBC in the coming days.