"Pokemon Stars" has been roaming around the internet ever since a cutscene from "Pokemon Sun and Moon" hinted its existence. It really seems that the said video game will become accessible on Nintendo Switch soon as the Pokemon Company CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara hinted.

According to Mic, it was way back in September last year when Pokemon Company CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara has revealed the company's plans to create a game for the Nintendo Switch. Ever since that announcement, tech enthusiasts haven't heard of the possible title of the video game.

Luckily, a Japanese publisher named Toyokeizai shed some light as it delivered a few more signs about what to anticipate from the forthcoming Switch Pokemon game. Moreover, in an interview with the publisher, Ishihara talk over about the "Pokémon Stars" series relative to the Nintendo Switch. Ishihara even stated that the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" sequel on the hybrid console will be totally dissimilar from what the users have been experienced from the present video games.

The Pokemon Company CEO even said that the Nintendo Switch is a home game device that can be used outside and its features are to some degree diverse from those handheld gadgets. It was also noted that the screen is a bit larger and the spec is advanced. Ishihara further explained that if the company will unveil a "Pokemon" game to the Switch, it would be different.

Moreover, TravelersToday has learned that it will take a while before video game enthusiasts would be able to acquire more details about what to expect on Nintendo Switch version of "Pokemon Stars". In separate news, there have been images of the latest 3DS games in HD which was released by a Twitter user named @initPragma. These images seem to be a pleasant notice that the newest Pokemon games are basically in 3D and it is expected to look astonishing when incorporated in a higher resolution.

As of the moment, there is still no confirmation if the "Pokemon Stars" will be the Pokemon game that will be launched in Nintendo Switch. Moreover, concrete details are expected to arise as the hybrid console's release is just around the corner.