'Final Fantasy 15' News: Square Enix Launched Patch 1.05 For PlayStation 4 Pro But Failed To Amaze Gamers [VIDEO]

"Final Fantasy 15" patrons have been waiting for the PlayStation 4 Pro game's patch 1.05. But now that Square Enix has delivered the much-anticipated upgrade it seems that the players are unsatisfied.

According to GameSpot, the newest patch for "Final Fantasy 15" has arrived on Monday. It was also noted that this upgrade has promised to add an enhanced frame rate on PlayStation 4 Pro. Nevertheless, when Digital Foundry had tested the "Final Fantasy 15" update and it found that the patch does not help the video game attain 60 frames-per-second reliably.

In addition, it only eliminates the 30 FPS cap from the "Final Fantasy 15" Lite mode on PlayStation 4 Pro, which results in a highly inconstant level of performance. "As of now, there is no longer a way to enjoy Final Fantasy XV with a smooth, stable frame rate on the PS4 Pro," Digital Foundry stated.

As a refresher, Daily Express mentioned that "Final Fantasy 15" for PlayStation 4 Pro was first launched in the two different play modes of lite and high. These types have provided the gamers with the choice of an inferior performance but with stable frame rate, or 1800p using checkerboarding but with a more unhinged outcome.

With this, it seems that the Xbox One and standard PlayStation 4 now gives a better experience on "Final Fantasy 15." It was even specified that the PlayStation 4 still shows minor frame-pacing problems but then the issue is that it is less pronounced than the PlayStation 4 Pro's high mode.

On the other hand, the Xbox One utilizes an adaptive v-sync solution that creates totally smooth frame-pacing all throughout which leads to a steady experience. Although there is an additional slowdown on Xbox One and a lower resolution in general, Microsoft's system still delivers the most consistent frame rate for "Final Fantasy 15."

It really seems that many gamers of "Final Fantasy 15" on PlayStation 4 Pro will be upset since they have waited for the patch but it didn't deliver their expectations. Moreover, it can be hoped that everything will be fixed by Square Enix.

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