For one moment, everyone remembered that Stassi Schroeder and Peter Madrigal were once dating. It happened when they played a "fun game" of 'Spin the bottle,' a game that the Vanderpump Rules squad played when they tripped to New Orleans. The recollection of their relationship was strengthened when their friends made them kiss not once but twice!

That made even Kristen Doute admit that she felt weird. She said that it was "awkward" because she tried to remember when Schreoder and Madrigal last dated, according to Bravo TV. She recalled their flashback photographs. However, she felt that they should not kiss. It made her say that she tried to think back and remember when they dated, which was so odd to think about. Making her see them kiss again just made her "physically uncomfortable," she said, although she had only noted the "longer second kiss" over TV. Kristen had been debating with Tom Sandoval by then.

Schroeder and Madrigal locked in a brief kiss felt very odd even to Madrigal himself. He recalled kissing Schroeder, but even that felt out of place. He recalled their 2010 romance, when they had been dating for several months, but even then their relationship had been called "oil and water", according to ET.

The game show had got some strange couples smooching. Apart from Schroeder and Madrigal, another odd pair was Tom Schwartz kissing Sandoval. However, Schwartz didn't like it. "This is the last time I'm gonna kiss someone else as a single man," he said. "My last kiss is gonna be with Tom Sandoval."

The 'Spin the bottle' game triggered off memories of Schroeder and Madrigal, yet it was a show that everyone wanted to get involved in. Kristen Doute admitted that everyone loved the game, as they liked kissing at the end. Even without a bottle, they just like to do it, she admitted. Vanderpump Rules is shown on Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo. You can watch a much older version of the show below.