Apple News & Update: All iPhones Will Have OLED Screens By 2019?

Is it true that Apple will be having the relatively new OLED displays for their iPhones? Rumor has it that the next flagship iPhone, iPhone 8, will be sporting this new technology come its release later this year as it marks Apple's 10th year anniversary.

The all new iPhone 8, which is expected to be released later in 2017, will measure 5.8 inches (a little bigger than iPhone 7 Plus) and is also believed to have curved display. Aside from the bigger size and new display, iPhone 8 is also rumored to be made of glass at the back and stainless steel on the sides instead of aluminum. 

Apple won't be giving out any information about the new iPhone until its expected release so nothing is really definite at the moment. It is believed though to be the most high-end device that will be released this year.

In a report made by a Korean publication, Bell, Apple will finally be making the shift to OLED screens for all their iPhones by 2019. The giant smartphone manufacturer is expected to make 60 million iPhone 8 units, about 40 percent of their overall production in 2017, and will double the use of OLED screens by 2018 before producing 100 percent OLED-only models by 2019.

OLED displays are expensive and are still difficult to produce. The technology is relatively new for phones which probably explains why iPhone 8 is rumored to be highly expensive.  In an article written  for Fast Company, the price can go as high as $1,000. However, if the production of OLED factories becomes efficient and run smoothly, OLED displays could be the new norm for smartphones.

These reports however, were not confirmed by Apple itself. If rumors are true, we may be expecting an OLED-only technology for all iPhones in 2 years time.

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