‘The Batman’ News and Update: Counting The Ways Deathstroke Will Try To Kill Batman

"The Batman" will pit the Dark Knight, played by Ben Affleck, with a new villain. Deathstroke, played in the movie by Joe Manganiello, will be introduced in Affleck's solo "Batman" movie as the superhero's new super villain.

Fans will find "The Batman" more exciting with the appearance of Deathstroke. The villain will try many ways to kill Ben Affleck's brooding character and fans will surely look forward to seeing if he will succeed. Villains that will challenge the Dark Knight's power will always be one of the highlights of any "Batman" movie.

"The Batman" has been in the limelight lately after its lead star Ben Affleck figured in a marital controversy with wife Jennifer Garner. The couple has been trying to work on their marriage, but it seems there is no way to go but file a divorce. Affleck has also relinquished the task of directing the movie to another director, so he can focus on his character.

Deathstroke is "The Batman's" most dangerous villain and with him in the picture, DC Universe will never be safe again, according to Movie News Guide. This villain's bag of tricks is filled with many ways to kill Ben Affleck's character. He is an expert in conducting an ambush, setting up a trap, threatening his opponents or engaging them in direct confrontation.

Manganiello has nothing but praises for "The Batman" script, despite the controversy involving its writer Bret Easton Ellis, according to Movie Pilot. Deathstroke himself has revealed that the new solo movie by Ben Affleck will take many of the caped crusader's fans by surprise.

"The Batman" solo movie by Ben Affleck has just become darker than it already is. It has been highly anticipated even before DC gave out some of the most important details of the movie. There are reports that the movie will be released in 2018. In the meantime, fans have to keep on anticipating and hoping that more details about the movie will be released soon.

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