The iMac 2017 release date is still unknown, but then with Tim Cook's words; it is safe to assume that it is really coming. It was also speculated that Cupertino-based company will ditch the Intel processor and incorporate AMD Ryzen chipset instead.

According to Tech Times, it was last October last year when Apple Inc. held an event October event but the tech company doesn't mention anything about the iMac 2017. With this, the fans that are eagerly waiting for the next iteration of iMac started to express their frustration and worry concerning the lack of a new upgrade to the desktop lineup. It was also noted that some of Apple's patrons speculated that it was no longer dedicated to desktops. Luckily, the company's CEO, Tim Cook has assured them that it is the other way around.

Tim Cook stated during the event that some of the people in the media are asking if Apple is still committed to desktops. With this query, Cook clarified that the Cupertino-based tech giant has great desktops in its road map and that nobody should fear about that.

Furthermore, Macworld has learned that Macworld if Apple will be using AMD Ryzen chips for its iMac 2017, it appears to be utilized on certain iMac models. The speculations suggest that the AMD's newest chipsets will likely be used on the inexpensive iMac models this was because, at $499 price, the AMD RYZEN 7 1800x accomplishes tasks better than the Intel i7, which is priced at $1,089 which is twice the price of AMD chips. Nevertheless, it is not the AMD processors that Apple Inc. will use the AMD Polaris graphics set will also be incorporated in the iMac 2017.

When it comes with the release date of iMac 2017, Apple Inc. still uttered any word yet. Conversely, if the speculations are to be believed, the new models of iMac might be announced this March.