Nintendo Switch, Nintendo NES Classic Edition is in huge demand since the launch. The hype for the console's stock is all time high because many of them still want to grab one. It is been recorded in the history that Nintendo always failed to estimate the correct demand and in the end lagged in the supply. It is mentioned that the Nintendo is going to fill up the shelves again and soon stocks will be updated on the stores like GAME, GameStop & Amazon.

According To Droid Report, Company President Tatsumi Kimishima has apologized for keeping the consumers and retail partners waiting. He admitted that many of them will be frustrated because of the slower production rate to which he explained that some parts require time to obtain and they are working to increase production. He also assured that the stocks for Nintendo Switch, Nintendo NES Classic Edition will be hitting back the stores soon. Inquisitr states that Nintendo originally only planned to produce 8 million Nintendo Switch units for 2017 but looking at the hype Nintendo is doubling their production to meet the public demand.

Express mentioned GameStop have confirmed that they will be getting a new shipment of Nintendo Switch Stock by March 22. The US retailers have warned the fans to check out the local stores first for availability and according to them, fans will be able to pick up one unit each next week. The company explained that GameStop continues to see strong demand from customers who are looking to purchase the Nintendo Switch System.

They also mentioned that they are meeting the demand by securing additional systems as fast as they can to ensure customers are able to purchase this innovative gaming technology. It is been strongly recommended that the customer who is willing to purchase a Nintendo Switch, Nintendo NES Classic Edition to visit the stores as early as possible for this stock may also evaporate off soon. It is been said that stock will be available in GameStop on March 22, on Amazon from March 31and in Toys R Us-March 18 local in store. They have advised checking the availability on the Argos Website too.