Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are considered to be one of Hollywood's most adorable couples, both on-screen and off-screen. The A-lister couple starred in the movie, "Green Lantern," and have started out as good friends since then. Fast forward to a few years and now they are a family of four. However, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively divorce news broke out recently which caused fans to be scrambling to know the truth.

Is there any truth behind the Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively divorce news? If anything, the "Deadpool" actor and "Gossip Girl" actress are one of the most laidback celebrity couples. Unlike celebrities who are considered to be toxic and high-maintenance, their relatability as a married couple and as parents have won the hearts of netizens all over the world.

In fact, according to Harper's Bazaar, "The Proposal" actor has shared that he has no problems with his wife kissing other actors on-screen. Given this premise, people are finding it hard to imagine Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively divorce anytime soon.

Another thing to consider when talking about the possible Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively divorce is the fact that it has not been a year since "The Shallows" actress has given birth to their youngest daughter, Ines. That said, it seems like the A-lister couple in question is still in the early stages of being a family of four and is in no way contemplating a divorce.

Sources close to the "Green Lantern" stars revealed that the two are very much in love with each other and are enjoying their moments as parents to two young girls. According to Mail Online, the celebrity couple considers maintains a jolly marriage where they can joke about each other even on air. Further, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively divorce seem to be an out of this world idea considering that the two celebrities are reportedly making adjustments to their scheduled projects and commitments to give more time to their family.