Niantic Lab has rolled out the limited time Water Event to its popular video game; "Pokemon GO." During the said occasion the players will get a high chance of catching the rarest water-type Pokemon.

According to, Forbes the Niantic Lab in San Francisco has rolled out a Water Festival event to the "Pokemon GO" which corresponds to the World Water Day celebration. During this even,t the players will obtain a high chance of catching rare water-type Pokémon like Golden Magikarp and Red Gyarados even they don't live near a body of water.

Golden Magikarp is an uncommon treat while the Red Gyarados is one is from the shiny types that delivers a different-colored version of a typical Pokemon. It was also noted that the shiny versions are bit different with its standard counterpart excluding the color. Nevertheless, these Pokemon appear only about once for every 4,000 creatures being bumped into.

Aside from the aforementioned Pokemon, it also appears that the "Pokemon GO" players can also meet Lapras. This rare water-type Pokemon is already rare as is since it can only be accessed through a 10km egg. Conversely, Niantic Lab suggests that the sought-after Pokemon will be less rare during the Water Festival event.

Furthermore, Mstars News has learned that "Pokemon GO" gamers can also have larger chances of meeting Squirtle, Totodile and its evolutions for the period of the Water Festival. In addition, those players who reside near a body of water will have an extra chance of meeting a few Johto-region water-type Pokemon. On top of this treat from Niantic, the players will also have an access to the Magikarp Hat for their avatars.

For the "Pokemon GO" players in San Francisco, this Water Event will be their great chance to obtain rare water-type Pokemon. Moreover, if given the chance to catch an uncommon Pokemon, the gamers could utilize the Evolution item which was the first update that Niantic Lab launches.