The premiere of the second season of the highly popular anime television series, "Attack On Titan," is now just right around the corner. Fans are of course all hyped up to see what has happened to Eren and the rest of the Survey Corps after they had defeated the giant female titan. To further elevate the already extremely high anticipation for the new season, Kodansha has now dropped two new promotional video trailers.

As per a report from Comic Book, the brand new promo trailers are chock-full of gigantic titans hungry for human flesh. The trailer also showcases several scenes that give fans a closer look at the mysterious beast titan. Strangely, the beast titan is featured to be an entirely different being that is unlike any of the other titans. The beast titan is shown to be able to talk and he is featured asking about the human's 3D maneuver gear.

Eren is also showcased fighting off different titans, including the armored titan within the walls of the city. Mikasa and the rest of the Survey Corps are also shown fighting off different titans, and mysteriously some titans are also shown fighting against each other. The teaser also achieves its goal of hinting to fans the different revelations that may be presented in the new episodes, as per Nerdist.

There are of course a lot of questions that needs to be answered and fans are just raring to find out more about the origins of titans and how they have managed to eradicate most of the humans. There is also the burning question of the Eren's father and how he is involved in the creation of titans and the wall.

"Attack on Titan" Season 2 is scheduled to be released on April 1. The show will also be simulcast on the same day in other territories via Funimation.