‘Pokemon Go’ Cheat App PokeHuntr Is The Best Monster Tracker Tool To Use In March 2017?

Niantic Labs' popular augmented reality (AR) game, "Pokemon Go," has been plagued with bugs ever since the latest patch. It made the in-game tracker basically useless that left some fans quite frustrated. Because of that, some players have now turned to third-party apps due to desperation and that is where PokeHuntr comes in.

PokeHuntr, according to Pokemon Go Hub, is currently the best working tracker app for the popular AR mobile game. What it does, basically, is it will let "Pokemon Go" users to scan the area for possible monsters. But the app does come with other exciting features.

For one, though, the third-party app always gives a 100 percent result every time players use it, as said in the report. It also scans the IV of the near monsters in "Pokemon Go," which is quite useful for trainers who want to catch stronger Pokemon.

Despite the amazing feature, fans should keep in mind that using third-party apps may lead to account ban - once caught. Niantic Labs has made it clear months ago that it will not tolerate cheating in "Pokemon Go." That being said, users are advised to use this app at their own risk.

Another thing that fans should keep in mind for this "Pokemon Go" app, however, is the slow scanning time. It limits the user to scan once every 90 seconds, which could make the process of catching new monsters slower than usual. But if the user has other friends who also use PokeHuntr then the scanning would increase significantly.

Meanwhile, PokeHuntr is not the only available third-party scanning app for "Pokemon Go" that fans can download, though. As said on Droid Report, users can also check out Poke Radar, Go Radar and PokeNotify. These applications offer the same functionality as the in-game tracker but may come with other unique features that are specifically added for the apps.

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