'The Secret World' MMO Relaunched as Free-to-Play Action RPG, Coming Out This Spring [VIDEO]

A lot of players probably haven't heard of the PC-only massively multiplayer online role-playing (MMORPG) video game, "The Secret World." The game itself was considered to be one of the most underrated games when it was released back in 2012. The MMO title was actually quite successful as it received mostly positive feedback from critics and gamers alike.

Now, the game's developer, Funcom, has announced that it will be re-launching the game as "The Secret World Legends" this year. The developer has also moved from the buy-to-play business model to the more popular free-to-play business model. The new title will essentially be the sequel to the "Sound of Things," which was also free-to-play.

"The Secret World Legends" has been revealed to incorporate everything that has been released on the original title and package it all into an action RPG title. The move has, of course, concerned some players who have gotten used to the battle and gameplay mechanics of the original game. Funcom will apparently rework the entire game, which will essentially make "The Secret World Legends" a full reboot.

According to Kotaku, the upcoming game is so different that the characters and progress from the original version cannot be carried over to the new title. Funcom has mentioned that they will still be keeping the original servers up and running, but all of their new updates and content will become exclusive only for the new game. This means that players of the original "The Secret World" MMO may soon be forced to transfer over to the new title somewhere down the line.

Other changes that will be coming, as reported by VG 24/7, includes new ways to level up, new in-game currency, new cosmetic items, and the aforementioned new combat and gameplay mechanics. "The Secret World Legends" is currently in its closed beta testing stage. The game planned for a full release sometime this spring.

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