"One Piece" Chapter 861 has been waited by a lot of fans as they wanted to see if Luffy and Bege will succeed in the assassination plot against Big Mom despite the presence of Dogtooth. Crocodile is also expected to make an appearance on the upcoming chapter.

According to MobiPicker, it has been indicated that Dogtooth has seemingly mastered his observation Haki; which is the ability to foresee moments into the future. As a matter of fact, he already gave a taste of his Haki when he shot one of the guests through his head after learning that he has a plan to kill Big Mom. This skill of Dogtooth is the reason why the audiences will see Bege is anxious about him in "One Piece" Chapter 861 as he can't carry on with his slaying plan with Dogtooth blocking his way.

Nevertheless, Celebeat as learned that Dogtooth will not be able to predict the plans of Capone Bege and Luffy in utilizing KX Launcher to assassinate Big Mom. With this, the probability of the homicide plan for Big Mom could perhaps work only if Bege and Luffy would be able to implement their plans cautiously in "One Piece" Chapter 861.

Aside from that, it was also expected that Crocodile will make an appearance in "one Piece" Chapter 861. It can be remembered that the previous chapter fixated on the Tea Party Big Mom arranged. Conversely, one thing that the fans missed out was that the former Shichibukai, Crocodile was perceived on the front page of "One Piece" Chapter 860.

It has been noted that Crocodile was seen standing and holding an umbrella over a puppy to prevent it soak from the rain. This is where the theory that Crocodile might make an advent in the coming chapters of "One Piece" brought up. It was known that the latter is observed meeting Luffy at the most unanticipated times and in fact, he had fought together with Luffy during the Battle of Marineford.

The "One Piece" Chapter 861 is expected to air next week. The avid viewers of the manga series are advised to stay tuned to see if Luffy and Bege would succeed in their assassination plan.