"The Winds of Winter" has been awaited by a lot of its patrons but it appears that the launch of the novel will be further delayed. It has been reported that the deferred launch is due to some projects of George R.R Martin.

According to The Daily Telegraph, George R.R Martin formerly admitted that he has been struggling writing "The Winds of Winter" which was the sixth installment in the "A Song of Ice and Fire" book series. Besides his upcoming novel, the author was also busy with the introduction of a foundation and aside from that, there is also a possible HBO project coming his way.

As a matter of fact, Martin recently wrote a post on his website, Not A Blog, specifying how the month of March this year has been madness for him as he was busy completing "The Winds of Winter" and other projects. It can be remembered that the veteran author recently announced the Stagecoach Foundation which is a charitable organization and production facility that was located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This association is devoted to carrying more film and television productions to his homeland.

Furthermore, Albuquerque Journal has learned that Martin obtained a 30,000-square-foot building as a gift for his project. Apart from that, the production facility will be working with evolving filmmakers as well as well-known Hollywood production companies. The birth of the studio is expected to help improve the New Mexico's economy since it intensifies the opportunities of enticing more productions to the place. Martin also stated that he is presently in talks with HBO about something that he cannot divulge any information yet, but then there is a huge probability that it could be a new TV show.

George R.R Martin was certainly having a busy schedule, but despite the fact that the veteran writer has a lot of projects; he still maintains putting a huge effort to complete "The Winds of Winter." For the fans that are looking for to this novel, always keep an eye for further announcements.