A lot were surprised to the unexpected ending of "This is Us" Season 1. As Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) died in the season finale, there are a lot of fan-made theories are now swirling online about his death. Some even believed that there will be a big twist and he will still be seen in "This is Us" Season 2.

Some say that Jack died when he was trying to save Miguel (Jon Huertas) and his family from the burning building that led to their deaths. Us Weekly reported that he could have told his friend to look after his wife Rebecca (Mandy Moore) in "This is Us" Season 2 in case he won't come out alive.

Hence, there are theories that Miguel and Rebecca may end up together in "This is Us" Season 2. There are also assumptions that the burning building is actually the Pearsons' former home. If this indeed is the case, this might be the reason why the residence is not yet seen.

This, too, could ignite Joe's return in "This is Us" Season 2. In an interview with Moore, she told E! News that Jack's death "bummed" her out. The 32-year-old actress also often told people who asked about his death that they would never know how exactly he died.

Ventimiglia, on the other hand, revealed that there will be a big twist coming in "This is Us" Season 2. "It's one of those things where sure. It might have been leading in that direction," he said. However, he also said that fans who know how the show flows know that they "can't expect anything."

"Anything that you believe is going to happen may not happen, but you have to understand that what we're telling," he continued. He went on to say that the stories they are about to tell in "This is Us" Season 2 are still "going to hit home" and fans will discover more about the Pearson family.