"Prison Break" fans are more than excited to see their favorite jail-breaker on the small screen once again. Seven years after Michael Scofield's death for the finale, "Prison Break" Season 5 is up and ready to bring Wentworth Miller's character back from the dead.

Many fans are wondering how "Prison Break" Season 5 might start off and spoilers have revealed that the first episode will be taking off from Michael Scofield's death. The end of "Prison Break" Season 4 was considered to be the finale of the series as it was even entitled "The Final Break."

That said, fans are expecting a blow by blow backtrack of events that will be an attempt to explain why Scofield is very much well and alive for "Prison Break" Season 5. The upcoming season has surely kept the hands of the writers and producers busy as it is quite difficult to bring the main character back to life, most especially since it is not a supernatural or sci-fi series.

However, the writers of "Prison Break" Season 4 were also clever enough to leave an open window to Michael Scofield's death, as it happened off-camera, leaving the viewers to their imaginations as to what might have happened. According to Entertainment Weekly, the return of Michael Scofield has been made more realistic with the network's decision to hire the original cast and basically have a reunion in "Prison Break" Season 5.

According to Metro, "Prison Break" Season 5 might be considered as a reunion of Michael Scofield and the gang, as they plot another grand escape, this time, in Yemen. While the resurrection of "Prison Break" has brought much excitement to the fans, showrunners have revealed that it's not a full season as it has only nine episodes. "Prison Break" Season 5 air date is slated on Apr. 10 and will be on air every Monday at 9 p.m.