Mr. T is not a huge fan of the way eliminations are conducted on Dancing With the Stars.

Mr. T has only been through three weeks of Dancing With the Stars and he's already tired of the end of the show process. Eliminations often feature the celebrity who is leaving the competition going over to hug their fellow competitors and sometimes cry and get very emotional. Suffice to say, Mr. T is not a fan.

"That's the nature of the beast. Mr. T might be going next week. I ain't going cry. It's entertainment. It's a show," he told Fox411 after Monday night's show. "I sent out a Tweet, 'Dancing with the Stars' should stop the jibber jabber. They shouldn't make the departure of a dancer so tear jerky because nobody's going to war. They're not dying. They're just off the show."

The actor/wrestler noted that it's not like these celebs are disappearing forever.

"We'll see 'em later, in another project. In a movie or something! We'll see them on the Jimmy Kimmel Show or something. C'mon!" he said.

At this point, Mr. T is looking to be the next celebrity on the chopping block following the elimination of Chris Kattan and Charo. Mr. T actually had a lower average score than Charo but still managed to outlast her, and unless he's hugely popular with the Dancing With the Stars fanbase, he will very likely be in danger next week.

So far this season, Mr. T has performed a Cha-cha-cha set to The A-Team theme song, which earned him a measly 20 out of 40 from the judges. He improved slightly in Week 2, dancing a Paso doble to Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger", earning a 22 out of 40. Again, he barely received better scores this past Monday for his Foxtrot to "Ain't That a Kick in the Head?", earning a 24 out of 40.

It remains to be seen if Mr. T can survive elimination and potentially outlast some other lower scoring celebs like Nick Viall, Erika Jayne or Bonner Bolton.

Dancing With the Stars airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.