In a recent study, Microsoft Surface gets a higher satisfaction rating among consumers compared to iPad. This is the first time in six years the Apple tablet was beaten by Microsoft.

According to J.D. Power's 2017 U.S. Tablet Satisfaction Study, Microsoft Surface gets the highest rank with a total of 885 satisfaction score out of 1,000 points. Apple iPad fell into second place with six points behind.

The study looked into the five areas of customer satisfaction, namely performance, ease of operation, features, styling and design and cost. It surveyed 2,238 tablet owners who have their device for less than a year. The study ran from October to December last year.

Microsoft Surface was considered as among the best in the market because of its features, styling and design factors. Specifically, it has high scores on pre-loaded applications, internet connectivity and the availability of accessories which is supported by the manufacturer. MacRumors reported that Surface users are among the highest accessory users.

The Surface's stylus has a 48 percent usage rate compared to only 27 percent in the industry. The tablet's keyboard was a huge factor as it had 51 percent usage in comparison to 14 percent in the industry.

Jeff Conklin, vice president of service industries at J.D. Power, said that the Microsoft Surface has expanded what tablets can do. Its features have set the bar for customer satisfaction. "These tablet devices are just as capable as many laptops, yet they can still function as standard tablets. This versatility is central to their appeal and success," he added.

iPad was considered as better than most with 849 points. The rest of the brands got the following score: Samsung 847, LG 836, Amazon 834, Acer 814 and Asus 812. In the study, they found out that owners tend to choose large screen measuring 10 inches or more.