PS4 Pro Update: Sony Updating Console’s Built-In Media Player App; Check Features Here

Sony is updating the features of PS4 Pro after more than four months after its launch. The game console's built-in media player can now play 4K video files.

The recent update from Sony will allow owners of PS4 Pro and a 4K television set to play 4K-resolution MP4 files in the app according to PlayStation Blog post. This includes videos saved on a USB stick or streamed from a home server. However, this does not include MKV or other formats.

This update is not the same with PlayStation 3, as it is not possible to copy files directly to the PS4's internal hard drive. But this feature of the PS4 Pro gives an upper leg from Xbox One S.

Microsoft's white Xbox One was the first game console that is 4K-compatible. It supports 4K content via streaming video apps and the Ultra HD Blu-ray drive. Xbox One S can play back some video encoded in the new H.265 format, or commonly known as HEVC. However, it does not support contents in the older, more common H.264 standard.

PS4 Pro's media player app will only read videos on USB storage if the external device has not been formatted as an additional storage device. More than two weeks ago, Sony has added support for USB external storage in the 4.50 firmware update. It required formatting a hard drive specifically for use with the PS4.

According to Polygon, there is no word from Sony just yet whether the PS4 Prop media player update will add support for HDR content in addition to 4K. Main stream video services that offer HDR content and are available on PS4 are Amazon Video, Netflix, Vudu, and YouTube.

The media player update also enables the playback of 4K virtual reality content. This is particularly useful to customers who own a PS4 Pro and a PlayStation VR headset.

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